Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where your Treasure is

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." This well-known verse from the Bible (Matthew 6:21) challenges us to be wise about how we direct the resources given to us: our time, and our money.

I believe this concept has significant bearing on how we prioritize our resources as moms, and deserves great consideration when it comes to our fitness plans.

Good intentions simply do not put forth the commitment level that a financial investment has the potential to. This is one of the primary reasons that women who hire personal trainers are found to be profoundly more successful in their efforts than those who work out solo. But let's face it, personal training just isn't in everyone's budget! Group exercise programs can produce a similar level of accountability and success.

The investment you make can be a good predictor of your adherence to the program. As a fitness instructor I have experienced this firsthand; I have taught free classes before on Saturday mornings. And guess what - no one came!

When it comes right down to it, and you wake up on a Saturday morning just not in the mood to roll out of bed any earlier than you need to, it is often the fact that you already paid for the class that will get you there.

Not only is money a motivator, but it is often an indication of how we are prioritizing our resources. Yet resources can be hard to come by these days! Moms On The Run wants to help each and every mom move beyond good intentions and provides the structure and accountability to do so with affordable group pricing. MOTR also provides an opportunity for Fitness, Fun & Friendship, so being active becomes something moms get benefits from beyond the workout!

That said, we never want finances to be a preventative factor for our program. We encourage those who need financial aid to contact us regarding our scholarship program. We also accept donations to our scholarship fund from business sponsors as a way we can all work together to encourage healthy moms.

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