Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving Lives

Wow, Shannon from last year's Eden Prairie class says Moms On The Run saved her life, literally!

We can just not underestimate the importance of our cardiovascular health and our regular commitment to the activities that help us achieve it despite our busy schedules. Here's what Shannon shared with us today!

"I just wanted to thank Moms on the Run for an incredible program. I was a reluctant runner when I joined the program. Always last in the pack, but knew I needed to stick with it. Besides getting me in shape, it's just an absolute blast to be a part of it & meet other moms. Last fall, I had a heart attack. My cardiologist told me he thinks the only reason I survived is because of the cardiovascular health of my heart - 100% attributable to my running program. So thank you, Moms on the Run, for not only teaching me to love running, but also for saving my life - literally." Shannon Blackwell, 39, Chaska, MN

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