Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Invest in YOU, for the benefit of THEM

I was looking at signing up my daughter for dance classes this summer and noticed the adult classes cost only HALF as much as the classes for kids. This isn't a typo. It's a business owner's acknowledgement that moms just aren't willing to spend those prices on themselves.

As moms, we often really struggle with being willing to invest anything in to our own fitness regime. We pay crazy amounts of money and devote large quantities of time toward our kids' sports, leaving nothing left for ourselves. Our "unselfish" intentions aren't turning out so well though.

Are our kids learning to prioritize fitness? Are we getting the exercise we need to stay healthy and manage our stress well? Do we have our "own cups full" enough to spill out positive things to those we love most? I know I personally am much better-liked by my family after I've gotten my workout in!

Moms love to say they put their families first… but forget that they are part of the family! Feel better. Do better. Your kids are watching you and the example you are setting for a lifestyle of health and fitness.

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