Saturday, December 11, 2010

Your "Stuck Inside" Workout of the Day

So I'll admit I'm a bit of a slacker keeping this blog going off-season. I do hope you are all venturing outside occasionally, braving the cool air for a run that feels just wonderful when you're done! Depending on how conditioned you are cardiovascularly, it is important to take it easy on these super cold days. The cold air can be hard on the lungs, so pay attention to how you feel when you're out there. (Check out the MOTR facebook page for more winter running tips.)

But don't go out today! Here in MN we are getting the snowstorm of the decade it seems, but we can still break a sweat indoors today!

Here's my 20 minute "Busy Holidays Snowstorm Challenge":

Walk around the house and up and down stairs for a good 2 minutes to start your warm up.

Do 25 "easy" squats - no need to descend all the way yet.
20 Push-Ups on your knees or toes (keep that bottom down!)
1 minute of Power Jacks (jumping jacks where your legs land in a squat and your arms in line with your shoulders, parallel to the ground)
1 minute of Lunges on each leg, straight up and down
1 minute - Hold a plank on your knees or toes
1 minute of Mountain Climbers
25 Abdominal crunches with your feet in the air

REPEAT - go deeper on those squats this time.

Walk around again to cool down, then take a good 5 minutes to stretch. If you are unfamiliar with any of those exercises, do a quick YouTube search before you get started.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy this month... and Merry Christmas!

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