Monday, September 27, 2010

5k to 5 miles

Run for the Apples is a fun, though CHALLENGING 5 mile trail run in White Bear Lake this fall. Mark your calendars and consider joining us to run/walk this event on October 22! Here is a 4 week plan to go from running a 5k distance to running 5 miles. If you don't quite get there, no worries since walking is allowed on this course. :)

Run at the minimum 3 times a week. If you are not injury-prone, go ahead and do 4-5 runs a week, making sure at lesat 2 of these are easy runs. If you go 3 times a week, consider doing a cross-training workout the 4th and/or 5th day. This could be rollerblading, biking, elliptical machine, etc. All runs should be at least 30 minutes, and one of these runs will increase in distance each week.

Week 1 (week of Monday September 27)
Increase one run to 3.5 miles. This may be about 32-45 minutes depending on your pace.

Week 2 (week of Oct 4)
Increase your long run to 4 miles. If this feels like too much too soon, try to run/walk 4 min and 1 min intervals until you accomplish the distance. Feel free to adjust that interval to a run/walk ratio that works for you.

Increase one or two of your other runs to at least 35 minutes.

Week 3 (week of Oct 11)
Increase your long run to 4.5 miles. Again, you can use a run/walk protocol to do so, especially if you feel you would do this in the 5 mile race.

Make sure two of your other runs are at least 35 minutes, and go for 40 minutes on one of these.

Week 4 (week of Oct 18)
Increase your long run to 5 miles, jogging or run/walk. Keep your two other runs at about 35 minutes - no longer - because this is race week! Get your long run in by Wednesday at the latest.

Take the day before the race off. Make sure to get some carbs in the night before the big race and stay well hydrated this week, despite the cooler temps. Also be sure to get up on time for a good breakfast - 5 miles is a bit too much for an empty stomach and low blood sugar.

BONUS - make one of your workouts each week a hill workout! The course is a little unfriendly in this way. Find a new route for one of your shorter runs, and go up and down that one good hill you can find, 3-6 times depending on the size of the hill. Take a good 2-5 minutes off between the hills (walking away and then walking back towards it).

Let me know if you are planning on trying this schedule, good luck ladies!

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