Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Win Over Weight Gain: Top 10 Tips for your Holidays

Don't let the stress of the season or the office party sweets derail your plans to achieve a healthy weight this month. Get a plan in place and stay on track! The tips below will help you do just that.

Aim to Maintain

It’s not just all the sweets - even busyness and stress are enemies to your weight loss efforts. Set yourself up for success by setting the goal to maintain your weight this month, knowing you can kick into a higher gear January 1st!

Don’t Arrive Hungry

Don’t attempt that office Christmas party on an empty stomach! Plan ahead and fill up on healthy choices before you go. When you arrive, have a full glass of water first before indulging. Water is a great appetite suppressant, and sometimes when you think you are hunger you really are just thirsty.

Just Say No

Even adults struggle with peer pressure at holiday parties. Especially women, who struggle with guilt knowing how much time went into that special dish. Offer a polite “It looks delicious but I’ll pass, thank you.” The only one being rude would be the person who pushes you after that answer.

Keep your Healthy Habits Intact

Focus on what you CAN control this season, keeping your usual healthy habits in place. For example, you can still make sure you have a balanced breakfast every day rich in protein, healthy carbs and fiber. You can plan ahead and bring healthy snacks with you so you don’t get hungry enough to just eat whatever junk is handy.

Walk the Mall

Online shopping has only reduced our calorie expenditure over the holiday season. Why not head to the mall, park in the back of the lot where it’s easy to find a spot, and if your shopping’s all done you can just enjoy the sights and sounds of the season – or laugh at all the stressed out shoppers and be glad you’re done!

Pick your Poison

Don’t deny yourself of ALL of your usual treats this time of year. Decide which of your favorites are really worth it, and feel good about passing up the rest.

Slash your Serving Size

Next time you’re loading up your plate, think twice before taking your usual portion. Why not tell yourself “take ¾” and see whether you really do need to go back for a second helping.

Pass it on

Don’t feel like you have to consume every edible gift that comes your way. Share it with a neighbor, bring it to a homeless shelter, food bank, or any other place that would appreciate it. But please, spare your friends who are also trying to lose weight!

Ask Santa!

You aren’t likely to get a gift that says you need to lose a few… unless you ask. Stay motivated this season by requesting personal training gift certificates, a fitness class or piece of exercise equipment will motivate you for the new year.

Have your Plan in Place

Be motivated by knowing how you will once again march ahead towards those goals once the New Year hits. Moms On The Run offers Fitness, Fun & Friendship through great classes this January! Beat the cold and melt the pounds with Kate, Shannon and Stephanie.

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