Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Pricing Structure

Our 2011 season is just around the corner! Here's what you need to know about discounts for past participants and more.

In the past it has been my goal that once a person joins the program their price will not go up for future seasons, even as moderate price increases occur. For 2011 we've established a more simpler system than "remembering who paid what which year."

Silver Members (past participants of 1 year) will receive 10% off every year.
Gold Members (2 year participants) will receive 20% off.
Platinum Members (3 years and beyond) will receive 30% off.

This should keep the price the same as it has been in the past or bring it down slightly. I do not foresee price increases happening ever year, although they have happened the last few years to compensate for pricing that began too low to support the program.

These percentages reflect a discount on the 5k training only, and not the additional options such as boot camp or the 10k training. In 2011, boot camp pricing is going down about 30% so that more women can participate in this important part of the program.

The other change for 2011 is that the price will vary by city to reflect differences in cost of living and advertising costs in the various locations.

Scholarships will still be available on a need basis. If you know of a business that would like to sponsor the program this year to provide scholarships and shirts,let me know! Advertising opportunities are available in return.

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