Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Women Need Weights

Strength training is the missing element in so many women's fitness programs. This makes me very sad since it is my favorite form of exercise! Running and other forms of cardiovascular activity are ineffective not only at building muscle, but even at maintaining muscle as we age. As early as our mid 20s, we begin to lose muscle. Our metabolism doesn't slow down with age as we like to believe, but with muscle loss. This can be prevented! Those mysterious pounds that have crept on in our adult lives really aren't so mysterious.

Every pound of muscle in your body burns 30-50 calories a day, versus only 1-2 calories per pound of fat. Adding a few pounds of lean mass is an easy, significant thing you can do to keep a tone physique as you get older. In addition to toning muscles, you can burn more calories all day long with the higher metabolic rate you achieve. Another metabolism benefit is the additional increase in metabolic rate for 8 hours after your strength training session!

Can't afford a trainer? No problem! Join us for Moms on the Run Boot Camp this fall; we'll take care of your strength, and your cardio!

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