Friday, August 20, 2010

But I Don't Want to Get Bigger!

One of the most common objections I hear to lifting weights for women is that they are afraid of getting bigger. May I present myself as exhibit A… since I do much more strength training than cardiovascular work. Very few women have both the genetic capacity and the predominance of fast-twitch muscle fibers to build a lot of size when they lift. In addition there are hormonal factors involved in muscle growth that we are not blessed to have as women (I would say unfortunately!). We can still develop tone, lean bodies, but we have to work harder than men do to develop muscle. The majority of women can engage in strength training without gaining size by following the appropriate protocol.

Strength training does increase lean mass, but this elevates the metabolism and burns more fat, resulting in a gradual reduction of size in an overweight woman. The reduction in body fat is fast, but the reduction in size will follow a little more slowly. Cardio interval training and proper nutritional choices will go a long way in speeding that up. In the rare instance that a woman does find her muscles are growing too big, it’s a real simple fix – just stop! That muscle will disappear as quickly as it came on (also unfortunately!)

Join us this fall in MOTR boot camp for a total metabolism makeover. We combine the cardio intervals and the strength and toning exercises to develop strong, lean physiques. If anyone’s muscles get too big… they can just give them to me. Ha.

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