Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Help with Hills

Most of our MOTR routes are pretty flat, but in traveling aruond the cities to meet you ladies, I've discovered a couple nice hills that some of you get to be challenged with every workout! Here are some tips to increase your motivation and power when you get to that bump. These apply to both runners and walkers.

1. Lean forward from your ankles. Press your hips forward towards the hill rather than bending at the waist, which is stressful on your low back.

2. Lift your knees. Bringing your knees a bit higher will increase your stride length and help maintain your posture.

3. Pump your arms harder. Imagine your upper body sharing the work load. This will help keep your stride rate up to speed.

4. Push off with your toes. This will help keep your weight in front of your body and keep you moving forward.

In Forest Lake we will be trying a hill workout mid-August. If you don't regularly get to do hills, why not seek one out on your own this week and try these tips? You'll be all the stronger for it.

Happy Hill Hunting!


  1. There are a few reasons to include hill training, but my favorite is for the resistance training it provides. It builds up the muscles in your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. (The mantra I reapeat to myself as I am climbing up a difficult hill; 'nice butt, nice butt') Keeps me motivated. ; )