Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Shapes and Sizes

At MOTR we love that women from all walks of life have found a home with us ~ a comfort zone, a great group of friends, a support system of encouragement on the lifelong journey of fitness.

We are moms, we are not moms. We are fast and slow, work inside the home and out. We are married and single, divorced and even widowed. And we run to leave it all behind on the pavement.

We are young (18), and not so young (73!)...and we come in all shapes and sizes!

We want to be an organization that offers a comfortable entry into this lifelong journey of fitness, especially for those who feel they have a long way to go. Don't ever think "I have to lose the weight first" to come and join us.

It can take an extra vote of self-confidence when you have weight to lose and you are contemplating starting a running program. In the next couple weeks we will be posting some entries on this topic from a guest blogger, Anne Kelly, President of an active wear company that specializes in plus-size athletic clothing. You won't want to miss her encouragement, so check back soon!

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