Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Moms!

We are taking this very special holiday week to thank our customers and to introduce some new MOTR program improvements and structural changes that we have created just for you.

This Thanksgiving we want to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support of our organization and their dedication to their health and fitness. We love when you share your successes with us, let us know where we are doing well, and what we need to work on.

At Moms On The Run, we are busy in this off-season getting ready for a fabulous 2012. We take your 2011 survey feedback very seriously in deciding what things to keep the same and where we need to make program improvements. We know there have been growing pains with the fast expansion in the past couple years, and we now have year-round customer service and administrative help to meet the needs of our valued customers.

We are excited about the changes coming in 2012, including extra training for our coaches and instructors, a FREE 10k training program, an additional run each week focused on distance, a new “instructor meet and greet” before the class start date to minimize the first class paperwork process, and more incentives to keep you motivated.

We are going to be able to offer a higher level of customer service and various program improvements while increasing the price only 5-10% of our previous 2x/week pricing. There is one major change that is making this possible, and that is that we will be moving to a single MOTR membership price that includes up to three classes per week!

This decision has been made primarily due to the following reasons:

~Our participants who are enrolled twice a week have a much higher satisfaction level and have significantly better success in the program. Every mom has her things that will come up such as weekends away, kids’ sports activities and vacations, but we want a structure in place that encourages all of our women to get to class as often as they can.

~We are offering 3 runs per week next year, so that the majority of our members will be able to make at least two of these workouts. We all know that a minimum of 2 workouts per week are essential for success anyway (ideally 3), and we also know that it is a lot easier to get these in with the motivation of meeting up with your team!

We are enthusiastic about the new membership structure we are introducing this spring. In each location, we will have an “all-season” pass that includes not only the 3 workouts a week in your own city, but members will also have the ability to make up a class at any of our locations at any time! This includes weather cancellations, holidays, and your personal schedule conflicts.

We know that there are women in our program that may only be able to commit regularly to once a week, but we are confident they will find their membership and the opportunities it affords to be an increased value next year.

At the same time, we realize that any price increase is difficult in this economy, and we want to stress that scholarships and financial aid will continue to be available! Our aid application for 2012 will be online soon.

Why are we telling you all this now? Because, by request, we are offering gift certificates this week beginning with Black Friday. And yes, you can get a gift for yourself! All gift certificates bought before Dec 31 will be available at 2011 prices! In addition, to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are offering all Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday purchasers both a tank and a tee with their class registration!

Please see http://momsontherun.com/giftcertificates.html for more info and a flyer you can print out and share with your personal Santa! Let him know what you really want for Christmas: better health, more energy, time with your girlfriends… Moms On The Run!

We want to wish all of our customers a joyous Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends. We are thankful for you!

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