Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"But I'm so out of shape!"

"I could never run!" The articles and ads for the spring program are making their way out there. The phone calls and emails are rolling in. What is the number one thing people ask about in their consideration of participation in the program? "Can I really do this? But I'm so out of shape!" Yes, YOU can. And you will find a whole community of women that feel the same way you do. This program is designed for all fitness levels, to meet you where you are at.

I encourage you to check out the "testimonials" page to see what others have said that were once in your shoes. They have "never run before" or "hated running" and now have found a lifetime sport. The beginning runner program is NOT easy. It is a challenge that will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you work through it. Even so, running is not for everyone! That's why the Power Walk program was designed.

We can still achieve great fitness results and a challenging cardiovascular program through a walking regimen. It is perfectly okay to switch between the Power Walk and the Beginning Runners program as you see fit, or to walk more than is scheduled if you are following the running program. 18 weeks is a commitment. It's about lifestyle change. Bring fitness and wellness into the rest of your life - don't put it off any longer - join us this spring!

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